10+ Best Browsers For Smartphones (Android & iOS) 2024

10+ Best Browsers For Smartphones Android & iOS 2024 – Surfing the internet on your smartphone can be a frustrating experience if you don’t have the right web browser installed.

10+ Best Browsers For Smartphones
10+ Best Browsers For Smartphones

The default browsers that come with Android and iOS devices simply don’t cut it anymore when it comes to speed, security, and features.

That’s why it’s important to download a third-party browser app suited for mobile use. But with so many to choose from, which one should you use?

Hello, I am Sonia Mathur, Here is a breakdown of the 10 best mobile browsers available today for Android and iPhone devices to suit different needs and preferences when browsing on the go.

1. Google Chrome


  • Fast page loading
  • Easy syncing with desktop Chrome
  • Simple interface
  • Built-in Google Translate

Google Chrome is arguably the most popular mobile browser in the world. As you would expect, it offers tight integration with Google products and services like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search while providing a clean, no-fuss browsing experience.

Chrome Browser
Chrome Browser

Page loading times are lightning quick thanks to Chrome’s sparse design and data compression technology. It also conveniently syncs open tabs, bookmarks, and passwords between all your logged-in Chrome browsers, including on mobile and laptop. You can easily translate pages written in other languages with one tap using Google Translate which eliminates language barriers to content access.

With its simple user interface, impressive speed, smart omnibox search, and seamless syncing across devices, it’s easy to see why Google Chrome remains many users’ go-to mobile browser.

Platform Availability: Android, iOS

Ideal For:

  • Those embedded in the Google ecosystem
  • Simplicity and speed

2. UC Browser


  • Data compression for faster speeds
  • Night Mode
  • Ad Block functionality

UC Browser is a popular alternative browser focused on the Asian market, particularly India and China. It claims over 500 million active mobile users globally thanks to optimization for lower-powered devices and slower mobile networks prevalent in these regions.

UC Browser
UC Browser

UC Browser applies data compression techniques to accelerate page loads by shrinking file sizes before they reach your phone. This helps cope with laggy mobile connections found across emerging markets. Night Mode support aids readability in low-light environments.

Recent versions have added effective pop-up/banner ad-blocking capability and boosted default privacy standards – two areas of concern for prior versions. Smoother scrolling, incognito browsing mode, and video casting round out the package.

For users in parts of Asia and developing markets, UC Browser’s compression technology can accelerate speeds on sluggish networks compared to Chrome.

Platform Availability: Android, iO

Ideal For:

  • Emerging market users
  • Slower networks/devices

3. Mozilla Firefox


  • Tracking protection
  • Add-on support
  • Private browsing

Mozilla Firefox focuses heavily on user privacy and security. Their “Enhanced Tracking Protection” feature automatically blocks websites and companies from tracking your browsing behavior across sites to serve targeted ads and content. This prevents creepy ads from following you around.

Mozilla Firefox Browser
Mozilla Firefox Browser

Firefox also lets you install useful add-on extensions just like you can with the desktop version. For example, uBlock Origin helps block intrusive ads for a cleaner browsing experience while others enhance functionality and customization. In Firefox’s “Private Browsing” mode, you can open tabs that won’t store browsing history or cookies on your device for additional anonymity.

For those who care about internet privacy, Firefox does the best job at protecting your personal information while browsing on mobile. It also provides a customizable platform for power users wanting more control and tweaks through extensions.

Platform Availability: Android, iOS

Ideal For:

  • Prioritizing privacy
  • Add-on support/customization

4. Microsoft Edge


  • Integration with Windows
  • Customizable visuals
  • Built-in reading mode

Microsoft Edge is the default browser now included with Windows 10 laptop and desktop devices. Naturally, mobile Edge delivers tight integration with Windows 10 which could make it appealing for those invested in Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

You can easily sync bookmarks, browsing history, open tabs and more between Windows 10 and mobile Edge by logging in with your Microsoft account. Pages you open on your desktop can be sent to your mobile device to read later for convenient tab access across devices.

In terms of features, Edge stands out through customization options. You can change visual elements like the background colours and enable text wrap for improved readability. Reading pages aloud and annotating web pages from your smartphone are also handy capabilities.

For Windows loyalists, Microsoft Edge offers nice cross-platform syncing with PCs while providing some unique ways to consume web content on mobile that other browsers lack.

Platform Availability: Android, iOS

Ideal For:

  • Windows ecosystem users
  • Consuming/annotating web content

5. Opera Touch


  • Gesture navigation
  • Ad blocking
  • One-handed use

Opera Touch innovates the concept of mobile browsers with a completely gesture-based navigation system optimized for one-handed use. To navigate, you swipe left and right instead of pressing buttons. This makes browsing quicker with just your thumb. Complex options and menus are hidden away to minimize distractions.

Opera Touch
Opera Touch

A built-in ad blocker creates a smooth viewing experience without pop-ups and clutter. The browser compresses data through Opera’s servers to save data usage on mobile connections. Various colour themes allow customizing the look to your preference.

Opera Touch reimagines browsers to be fast and intuitive for smartphones. If you find standard mobile browsers awkward and slow to navigate one-handed, Opera Touch is worth checking out.

Platform Availability: Android

Ideal For:

  • One-handed browsing
  • Heavy mobile users

6. DuckDuckGo


  • Emphasis on total privacy protection
  • Fire Button deletes browsing session
  • Clean interface

DuckDuckGo positions itself as the most private browser out there with a tagline of “Take back your privacy!”. It blocks hidden third-party website trackers and forces secure HTTPS encryption wherever possible to keep your browsing habits private even from DuckDuckGo themselves.


DuckDuckGo goes beyond private browsing modes other browsers offer through a feature called Fire Button. It instantly erases all stored browsing data like cookies, history, and tabs with one tap so you leave no trace behind. This gives users total peace of mind and control over their privacy.

With visual appearance and functionality stripped down to the basics, DuckDuckGo provides a streamlined private browsing solution on mobile. No complicated menus or clutter – just you and a perfectly clean web.

Platform Availability: Android, iOS

Ideal For:

  • Total anonymity and privacy control
  • Minimalist user interface

7. Brave Browser


  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Faster speeds via blocking trackers
  • Rewards users through cryptosystem

Brave is another emerging privacy-focused browser gaining popularity on mobile and other platforms. It blocks invasive third-party website ads and trackers by default without the need to install extra extensions like other browsers require.

This leads to much faster loading times since your device doesn’t get bogged down communicating with hidden trackers that follow you around the web. Less junk faster speeds.

Brave Browser
Brave Browser

Brave has a unique incentive system that rewards users with Basic Attention Tokens (cryptocurrency) for their engagement with privacy-respecting ads that fund content creators. So you earn money instead of being the product!

Overall, Brave brings speed, ad blocking, and web rewards together in one encouraging package. Give Brave a try if you want a browser that looks out for the user first.

Platform Availability: Android, iOS

Ideal For:

  • Speed demons
  • Cryptocurrency enthusiasts

8. Safari


  • Built-in integration with Apple devices
  • iCloud Tabs access open web pages on all devices
  • Powerful privacy protection

As the default web browser included on iPhones and iPads, Apple’s Safari targets users invested in their broader ecosystem. It conveniently syncs bookmarks, passwords, tabs, and more between your devices using your Apple ID.

A feature called iCloud Tabs even lets you seamlessly pick up browsing no matter where you left off on your other logged-in Apple gadgets. Read that half-finished article from your desktop directly on your iPhone!

Safari Browser
Safari Browser

Apple also utilizes Safari to promote their focus on consumer privacy. Intelligent Tracking Prevention blocks third-party tracking cookies and Fingerprinting Prevention stops websites accessing your device’s unique settings for tracking purposes.

For Apple loyalists preferring convenience and privacy, Safari does it all through ecosystem integration and anti-tracking technology while still delivering desktop-grade power.

Platform Availability: iOS

Ideal For:

  • Apple ecosystem users
  • Strong privacy needs

9. Kiwi Browser


  • Chrome extension support
  • Night Mode browsing
  • Flexible customization

Built atop Chromium like Google Chrome, Kiwi Browser distinguishes itself through flexibility and customization options. It supports Chrome browser extensions so you can install add-ons that enable ad-blocking, password managers, social media enhancements and more. Features you’d normally only expect to see on the desktop.

Kiwi Browser
Kiwi Browser

Additional functionality like Night Mode for reading content after hours and a Pocket-style reading list make Kiwi feel much more robust over standard mobile browsers. You can really tailor the browsing experience to your liking with tweaks.

For those wanting more advanced browser features without sacrificing Chrome’s compatibility, Kiwi Browser strikes a winning balance. It brings desktop power to mobile through flexibility.

Platform Availability: Android

Ideal For:

  • Customization nuts
  • Chrome extension lovers

10. Via Browser


  • Bright, colour-coded visual theme
  • AI-based news feed
  • Gesture navigation

The brightly designed Via Browser aims to make consuming web content more visually appealing compared to the relatively bland UIs of competitors. Color-coded tabs help differentiate open pages at a glance. An integrated news feed powered by artificial intelligence recommends top headlines and stories to read based on your interests.

Via Browser
Via Browser

Like Opera Touch, Via emphasizes gestures over buttons to enable fast one-handed navigation. Plus, a prominent back button always sits at screen bottom for quick access instead of being buried in a menu. Useful accessibility features provide visual aids and screen reader support for those with disabilities.

If you want a browser that brings colour and news integration with quick navigation gestures, Via Browser offers mobile users an alternative flavour compared to minimalist privacy-focused options dominating this space recently.

Platform Availability: Android & iOS

Ideal For:

  • Visual design lovers
  • Casual news consumers

11. Tor Browser


  • Extreme-level anonymity
  • Encrypts traffic routing
  • Hidden service access

Developed by the non-profit Tor Project, Tor Browser provides mobile users the highest degree of privacy through encryption and traffic obfuscation techniques. It randomly routes traffic through a worldwide volunteer network of servers so no one can trace browsing activity back to your device’s original IP address or location.

Tor Browser
Tor Browser

This allows anonymous access even to “dark web” .onion addresses and hidden services/content blocked in certain regions. Users in oppressive regimes find this useful to access the open internet for journalism, activism, or simply open thought.

Naturally, full encryption results in slower page load speeds but privacy-conscious mobile users find the trade-off worthwhile. Just don’t expect blazing-fast performance and know what you’re getting into before enabling the most hardcore mobile privacy tool out there.

Platform Availability: Android

Ideal For:

  • Prioritizing extreme anonymity
  • Dark web access

Key Takeaways – Choosing the 10+ Best Browsers For Smartphones

  • Chrome – Best all-round option for average users wanting syncing, translation features and speed.
  • UC Browser – Compression technology accelerates speeds on slower networks common across Asia and emerging markets.
  • Firefox – Open source browser focused on privacy through blocking ad trackers and supporting extensions.
  • Edge – Tight Windows integration makes it a good option for Microsoft ecosystem users.
  • Opera Touch – Innovative gesture-based navigation system optimized for one-handed use.
  • DuckDuckGo – Totally private solution strips away complexity in favor of anonymity.
  • Brave – Next gen option blocks ads and trackers by default while rewarding users.
  • Safari – Seamless Apple device syncing with premium privacy protection makes it ideal for iOS loyalists.
  • Kiwi – Packed with functionality like Chrome extension support for power users wanting more customization.
  • Via – Visually refreshing design with AI-based news feed. Gesture navigation friendly.
  • Tor – Extreme encryption and traffic routing for anonymous government-resistant browsing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest Android browser?

Google Chrome is widely regarded as the fastest and smoothest browsing experience on Android devices owing to Google’s optimization and sparse interface emphasizing speed over features.

Does Android have built-in ad blocking?

Unlike desktop browsers, the native Android browser does not include ad blocking. However, all major third-party browsers like Firefox and DuckDuckGo offer ad-blocking functionality without installing extra extensions.

Do iPhone browsers have extensions?

Due to Apple’s locked-down ecosystem philosophy, iOS browsers do not support add-ons and extensions like desktop Chrome and Firefox browsers allow. This restricts customization and additional features on iPhones.

Is Tor browser safe for everyday use?

Tor’s heavy encryption impacting speeds makes it impractical for typical daily browsing. However, Tor remains invaluable for those needing truly private anonymous internet access in oppressive regions of the world or accessing dark web content.


Choosing the right mobile browser can have a huge impact on your smartphone use. The default options bundled with Android and iOS simply fail to deliver when it comes to speed, features and meeting specialized privacy and security preferences today’s consumers rightfully hold.

Hopefully, this breakdown gives you a better sense of what the top third-party mobile browser apps excel at. Whether you want further privacy, richer features and customization or tighter platform integration – there’s an excellent browser optimized for your needs. No one size fits all!


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