SONIC App Not Working (Fix Under 5 Minutes)

You are here; it means your SONIC App Not Working but don’t worry; we will give you the solution. You will be able to Fix SONIC Drive App Not Working within 5 minutes.

SONIC App Not Working
SONIC App Not Working

SONIC App Not Working or the SONIC App Is Not Opening. If you are facing such a problem or want to know, we will tell you How to Fix the SONIC App Not Working.

Guys, my name is Sonia Mathur; I have given you information about Sonic App Not Working. I will look into Sonic Drive App Not Working and find out why it is not working.

What is SONIC Drive App?

SONIC Drive lets you order and pay from your phone, receive rewards, learn about new items and offers, browse menus, check nutritional information, and much more. It is also the most popular application. Plus, you can get Happy Hour Any Time (1/2 the price of drinks and slush) if you order through the app.

But the problem is that sometimes this SONIC app does not work correctly. Recently many people have been facing this problem. Asked me some questions related to the SONIC app; my SONIC app is not working correctly in some cases; how can we fix it?

So what is the solution for the SONIC app not working problem? And here is the answer…

SONIC App Not Working Fixes

There are some common and annoying problems in the SONIC Drive App.

So here are some fixes for the SONIC App Not Working issue; You should try the method mentioned and fix the SONIC app not working problem.

Check Your Internet & Wi-Fi Connection

If you have checked that your SONIC app is not working, or the SONIC app is not opening, you should check your internet connection or wifi connection; it may be that your internet is not working properly.

If your internet is not working properly, you must wait until it gets fixed or uses good network connectivity. This may Fix your SONIC app problem.

Clear SONIC App Cache

Most of the time, the app is not working because of the crashing and data not loading. This can be a problem if your smartphone storage is complete; in such a situation, you should save some space and keep it free.

This is not an isolated problem; it can also happen through your smartphone, so when you have any problem with the app, then clearing the app cache and data will solve the problem.

To follow the steps for Android & iOS users, go to Settings >> Find SONIC app and click on it >> Tap on Clear Cache & Clear Data. The SONIC Drive app cache will be cleared.

After clearing the cache, check if the SONIC app is working or not.

Update SONIC App

If you are using the SONIC app with an older version and have not updated it yet, it may not work correctly.

If you haven’t updated the SONIC app with the latest update yet, then you should update it with the latest update via Play Store and App Store.

Logout and Login

Suppose you log out and then log in to the SONIC app so that your SONIC app can work. Also, a server error can occur due to the Sonic app not working properly, and you have to wait for it to be fixed.

Reinstall SONIC App

If you want to solve the problem and it is not getting fixed, you should also try uninstalling this Sonic Drive app. You uninstall and reinstall it; this will fix the problem of your app not running.

Before reinstalling the app, you should restart your Android and iOS devices and check your smartphone’s latest update to see if the newest version of your device is available; If available, update it.

Watch the Video Fix Sonic App Problem

If your Sonic Drive App is Not Working and you are not getting any solution, then you can watch the video given below you can watch it.

Why is Sonic App Not Working

We don’t have any specific reason why this is finally happening in the Sonic app and why it is not working correctly; Apart from this, the Sonic app may not work on your smartphone; you can try it on any other.

Sometimes apps don’t work because of our internet connection, and sometimes because of some internal server error. But the Sonic app developer needs to fix those bugs soon.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

Fix Sonic App Not Work?

If your SONIC App is not working, or the SONIC app is not opening, you should check your Internet & Wi-Fi Connection, Clear SONIC App Cache, Update SONIC App, Logout and log in, Uninstall and Reinstall.

Benefits of the SONIC App?

The SONIC Drive-In app is good lets you order and pay with your phone, get rewards, find out about new items and offers, and more.

Fix Sonic App Problem?

If you try all method but you can’t fix problems, you have to contact the support team of sonic.


We hope you found the solution and fixed your Sonic app not working issue. If not, then tell us in the comment box, and we will explain it to you in a better way.

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