Fixed Toyota App Not Working Problem 2024

The Toyota app is designed for iPhone or Android and has a simple interface. However, the Toyota app not working on iPhone and Android phones for some time now.

You are here. It means your Toyota app is not working but don’t worry!

Fix My Toyota App Not Working 2024
Toyota App Not Working 2024

Toyota is one of the best car companies which has created the Toyota app to facilitate its customers. With this Toyota app, you can control most of the latest car systems using your Android & iOS smartphone.

Hello guys, my name is Sonia, and today we will give you information about the Toyota App Not Working and How to Fix the App Problem.

Toyota App Not Working Fixes!

Toyota’s app not working is a common problem that can be solved. There can be many different reasons why the Toyota app is not working.

We will tell you the solution for the Toyota app not working…

Check Your Internet Connection

If for some reason, your Wi-Fi or Internet is not working, then you may not be able to use the Toyota app.

If you have low internet connectivity, you may be facing the problem of the Toyota app not working; then, you should check the internet connectivity on your smartphone and correct it. After that, your Toyota app can work.

Update Latest Version

If you haven’t updated the Toyota app with the latest update yet via Play Store and App Store, then you must update it.

If you have installed the Toyota app through any other third-party method, you can uninstall it, update it with the latest update, and reinstall it.

Clear App Data & Cache

Despite all this, you have updated the Toyota app, and your internet connectivity is also correct. Still, if the Toyota app is not working, you must clear the App data and the cache.

In this way, you have to clear the app data and cache…

  • Go to the settings on Android or ios smartphone
  • Now open the App Center
  • Here find the Toyota App and click on it
  • Now you’ll see some clear data or Cache options
  • Tap on Clear Data, and Clear Cache gives the confirmation
  • Now again, open the Toyota app, and maybe it’ll work.

iPhone Specific Troubleshooting

Here are some steps to allow you to fix it…

Check Permissions: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and ensure that location services are enabled for the Toyota app.

Background App Refresh: Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and ensure it’s turned on for the Toyota app.

Reset Network Settings: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings, This way will reset all network settings.

Android Specific Troubleshooting

Check App Permissions: Go to Settings > Apps > Toyota App > Permissions and make sure all necessary permissions are enabled.

Battery Optimization: Some Android devices have aggressive battery optimization settings. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization and ensure that the Toyota app is not being overly optimized.

Here is a video that may help you if you encounter difficulties with your Toyota app’s remote connection.

Why Toyota App Not Working

If for some reason, the Toyota app isn’t working or the Toyota app won’t open, you’ll have to wait for some time until it gets fixed, or you can even fix it by following the steps we’ve provided.

Here are the steps on How to fix the Toyota App Not Work Problem…

  1. Maybe its server is down.
  2. Reboot Your Smartphone.
  3. Reinstall the app.
  4. There is a problem with your internet connection.
  5. There may be a problem with your Toyota App account.
  6. Or, possibly, your device does not support this app.

Toyota Remote Connect – Troubleshoot

Toyota Troubleshoot Remote Connect is a premium technology that helps keep the driver connected to the vehicle. In this, we can gain control of our car through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, smartphones, and some smartwatches.

Most people also face some issues with remote connection on their Toyota app. This solution is for you if you are also facing this problem.

If you also encounter this Toyota Remote Connect not working issue, you can try to fix it by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and then connecting again. And find out if it works.

What is the Toyota App

Those who use Toyota company cars and their various electrical know that Toyota is a great car motors company, which has made its Toyota application.

The Toyota app also allows you to start and stop your vehicle, maintain the information and service information, locate your car in the parking lot, lock and unlock doors, and open and close your sunroof.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Toyota App

Toyota created its app for the convenience of Toyota customers. Toyota App gives you the facility to start and stop your vehicle and many more.

Toyota App Not Working Fix 2024

There could be some reasons why the Toyota app is not working, or the Toyota app is not opening.

Follow these steps to fix it – Check that the Internet and WiFi are working >> Update the app to the latest version >> Reinstall the app >> Clear app data and cache >> Reboot Your Smartphone.

Troubleshooting Toyota Remote Connect

Toyota Troubleshoot Remote Connect is a premium technology that helps keep the driver connected to the vehicle.


We hope that you have followed all the steps and that your Toyota app is not working problem is fixed.

If the issue is still not resolved, you can take the help of Toyota customer support. Share your information with the Toyota customer support team, who can help you in detail.

You can provide information on Toyota’s customer support number; for more information, you can visit Toyota’s website.

You must further share this information on social media so that others can be helped.

Thanks for reading…


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