How to Delete Sephora Account

Sephora is a good platform but some people also finding a way to Delete Sephora Accounts with easy steps we have also shared some methods to Delete this Account.

How to Delete Sephora Account
Delete Sephora Account

Sephora is a popular store where people buy makeup, skincare, and other beauty products.

We know that thousands of People use it because it offers a wide selection, expert advice, and a unique shopping experience.

Hey, Guys I am Sonia Mathur today we will talk about How to Delete Sephora Accounts in multiple ways.

So you can read this article to know about simple and multiple ways it.

How to Delete Sephora Accounts

Deleting Sephora Accounts is not tough because we don’t know the right ways and steps to delete them.

so we have also shared some 4 – 5 easy methods with simple language and guides you can follow all the steps to delete this account.

1 –  Email

2 – Phone Call

3 – Website

4 –  Live Chat

5 – Customer Supports 24×7

These 4 ways are best and most popular on the internet and are also recommended for deleting an account.

Delete Sephora Account Via Email

The email option way is always good because is a simple processing method to delete any accounts.

To Delete your Sephora account you have to open the email application on your device and type your new email and send it to Sephora Account Help Support.

Here is an example of how to send Emails…

Step -1 First, need to Log in to your email account and open it.

Step – 2 Then you can Write ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the main top subject line.

Step – 3 After this Compose a well-structured email stating your reason for closing your account permanently & temporarily.

Step – 4 In this, you can talk about it and Ask the representative to clear your data along with your account.

Step – 5 Finally, you can send the email out to this address [email protected].

Here is an email paragraph example of how to write it…

SUBJECT: Request to delete my account from (Website/Application).

My account in your database has the name …. and the email address …. and I have decided not to use the account again for some reason.

Please Remove and Delete my account from your database with any emails, additional addresses, marketing emails, payment information, data history or any other information related to my account.



Registered Email Address:

Phone Number (Optional)

Note: If you delete this account will be no chance to recover your data and account again.

Delete Sephora Account Via Phone Call

This method is good and normally used to make a direct call and connect with customer support. it’s we can try to help us and delete a Sephora account.

Now every company and platform has given a support center online but normal people do not know how to find it.

This and other services also give a call option with a toll-free number because their customers do not face any issues.

Here we have provided a toll-free number for customer care support and from where you can ask for help for yourself through Monday to Friday 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM and Saturday & Sunday 6 AM: Services are available from 9:00.

Toll-Free Number Sephora – 1-877-737-4672

Sephora Customer Care Support Number – 1-888-866-9845

Delete Sephora Account Via Website

Through the website, you can easily delete your account, and here are given a direct option from where you can delete the account.

If you want to close for only some time & temporarily, you can do that too while you want to delete it permanently, you can do that too.

If you follow all these instructions can be easily closed & Delete through the website.

Step – 1 First need to You log in to the Sephora Official Website.

Step – 2 Then Open your Account.

Step – 3 After that you can click on Account Settings/My Account Profile.

How to Delete Sephora Accounts
Step – 1

Step – 4 Then go to Account Information and Click on it.

How to Delete Sephora Accounts
Step – 2

Step – 5 Find the Closed Account option and click on it.

How to Delete Sephora Accounts
Step – 3

Step – 6 Finally Your Account is Closed and a deleted popup will be shown on the screen.

Delete Sephora Account Permanently
Step – 4

This is a very simple process if you don’t mind you can watch this YouTube video. YouTube videos are good to watch to delete any accounts.

Delete Sephora Account – Live Chat

If you face any error with accounts or get more information about the related accounts you will choose the live chat help options.

You are guided step by step on live chat on how to fix it and how to delete the account.

If you wish to receive information regarding the deletion of your account then the Live Chat option is a better method.

Where you will be guided on step-by-step methods on How to Delete Sephora Account.

You can contact Sephora live chat from 3 am to 9 pm only for Monday to Sunday.

Customer Supports 24×7

Facilities have been made available to the customer for help in the best way provided 24/7 facilities.

Sephora Customer support is very important 24/7 where the customer can be helped at the time of emergency.

What Happens After Deleting Account?

We know that it’s not easy to recover after deleting any account, in such a situation, most things to be taken care of before deleting the account.

Loss personal data – If you deleted this account and then was lose your data with the deletion process then you cannot recover your important data.

Maybe Delete Sephora Account Permanently – We always close our accounts only for some time so they can be reopened anytime but some companies delete our accounts permanently.

So it is impossible that your Sephora account will be reopened after you delete it.

Maybe can’t be created again account with the same mobile number or email.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

How to Delete a Sephora Account?

Deleting Sephora Accounts is not tough, delete this account through  – Via Email, Via Phone calls, Via Website, Via Live Chat, Via Customer Supports 24×7.

Delete Sephora account permanently?

Deleting Sephora’s Account normally and Permanently is the same process but the account can’t be recovered.

What happens after Delete Sephora Account?

When we have deleted our account then lose all personal data, history, and profile and can’t get back, in this situation we cannot create an account again with the same mobile number and email.


We hope you have got the best information, if you are facing issues then we provide 24/7 services for you where we will help you.

In this situation and problem, you can explain your error issues in the comments box it’s always open for you.


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