Easy to Delete HelloTalk Account 2024

Friends, if you are using the Hello Talk app and you want to know How to Delete HelloTalk Account, then you have come to the right place; Here, you will be told some such ways by which you can quickly Delete HelloTalk account.

Delete HelloTalk Account
Delete HelloTalk Account

Hello Guys, my name is Sonia, and today I will give you information about How to Delete the Hello Talk Account.

Many people use many such apps to improve their language skills, through which they learn to talk to others in a friendly way. In such a situation, HelloTalk is one such application through which you can improve your language skills in this way.

How To Delete HelloTalk Account

You can delete your HelloTalk account in just 2 minutes by following the two easy steps we mentioned.

NOTE: if you have a premium account, you should cancel your subscriptions first and then delete your account.

In this, you have been told 2 ways, the first in which you can delete your account through an application, while the second way you can get your account deleted through a request by sending an email.

Currently, we will try both methods through which you can Delete HelloTalk account permanently.

Delete HelloTalk accounts through the App

Currently, we will try the first method through apps by which you can delete your HelloTalk account permanently.

If you want to delete your account, then follow the below all steps:

  • Go to the HelloTalk application and open it.
HelloTalk Steps 1
Step – 1
  • Then you will find the ME icon on the bottom right side of the app. Click on it.
HelloTalk Steps 2
Step – 2
  • Thus you will come to the profile page now, scroll down and tap on Settings.
  • After clicking on Settings, then go to Account Settings.
HelloTalk Account Delete
Step – 3
  • Then Easily Tap on the link Delete Account at the bottom middle section of the Account page.
HelloTalk Account Delete
Step – 4
  • Now, you need to follow step by step procedure. And you are deleting your account.
Delete HelloTalk Account Through Email

The second Step method is to delete your account Through Email. This is the Easy and shortcut way to delete your account quickly. Here are some steps that will help you to delete your account.

If you want to delete your account by sending an email, remember to follow all the steps correctly and do not skip any.

  1. First, open your email account.
  2. Then, write an email to this email address again – [email protected]
  3. Type to in the email Subject “Request to delete HelloTalk account.”
  4. Write your real reason summary in a few words about why you are deleting your HelloTalk account.
  5. Then Click on the Send Button.

What is HelloTalk App

HelloTalk is a simple global language learning and language exchange app where you can connect and interact with people from other world languages.

Through the Hello Talk app, you can get information about more than 150+ languages in which you can acquire skills like reading, writing, and listening.

Why Delete Hello Talk Account

Some people uninstall or delete the Hello Talk account after using the Hello Talk app, while there is no specific reason to delete it.

The reason for uninstalling and deleting Hello Talk may be that they have found a good app in the market, or there are some bugs that they do not want to use.

In such a situation, the developer must solve the minor bugs as soon as possible. Many people do not use Hello Talk because they know a lot of language-related information.

FAQ – Hello Talk!

How to Delete HelloTalk Account?

You can delete your HelloTalk account in just two minutes by following the two easy steps.
1) Delete HelloTalk accounts through the app
2) Delete HelloTalk Account Through Email

What Are The Features of a Hellotalk Account?

Text Chat, Voice Chat, Images, Share camera, Doodle share, GPS location Sharing, and Language learning good features available in Hellotalk.

What is HelloTalk App?

HelloTalk App is a simple global language Learning and language exchange app in this you can connect and interact with people from other world languages.


HelloTalk is an excellent app that has been provided with great features, and you can learn about different languages, which can prove to help improve your skills.

I hope the information has been helpful; if you still have questions or suggestions, please tell us in the comment box below, and we will answer your questions.


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