Top Best Free Video Editing Apps 2024

Today we will tell you about the Best Video Editing App For Android & iOS Smartphones; it is the best and most used video editing app.

Best Video Editing Apps For Mobile Smartphones
Best Video Editing Apps

Hi, I am Sonia Mathur Today we will give you a list of video editing apps in which you can edit your videos, and you can download all these applications by going to the App Store and Play Store. These are all free applications.

Best Video Editor Apps For Smartphones 2024

Everyone can earn a lot of money through video editing from home; Through video editing, he can easily edit many videos like YouTube videos, Instagram reels, and TikTok videos.

You can get a lot of information through the internet to learn video editing, and you can watch free YouTube videos to learn video editing.

So, friends, the apps we will tell you about are free; We talked about Android smartphone apps; however, we will soon give you information about iOS video editing apps.

Kine Master63 MB
PowerDirector87 MB
FilmoraGo70 MB
InShot46 MB

KineMaster – Video Editing App

Kine Master is considered the first video editing software app in the listed category. In this app, you can edit video files, easily upload big files, and edit your videos for free.

One of this app’s main features is that it is entirely free. You can use it for free, and you don’t have to pay any fee, whereas you will have to pay a fee to use the premium version.

Kine Master
Kine Master

Let us tell you that this app is used for video editing, till now it has been downloaded by 100+ millions of people on smartphones while it has been rated 4.2 and its special thing is that you will get it in the size of 63 MB.

We have also given you information about some of the main features of Kine Master, and you can read this information.

Features include cutting video clippings, adding text, adding a picture and emoji sticks, special effects, music and voice-over, and a voice changer, with different features like colour filters.

PowerDirector – Video Editing App

PowerDirector is the second-best video editing software where the user can edit videos. I think it is one of the most efficient and accessible free 4k powerful video editing software apps.

This video editing software is available for mobile and PC; you will find it on all the downloaded stored. In this, you have been given the best-modified features, which you can use for free.


Features of Power Director: You will see many good qualities and features. You’ll mainly find video editing, cutting, adding music, transitions, motion titles, effects, emojis, background colour changing, an animation filter, and more.

This video editing software has been downloaded and installed by over 100+ million people with a rating of 4.3 stars.

Power Director apps are one of the best video editing software for download and rating lists. You can download it for less than 87 MB, but you have to pay for it if you want to use its paid version.

Filmorago – Video Editor & Maker App

FilmoraGo is the third best and latest video editing software in the listed category. It is mainly used to create effects like YouTube videos, TikTok videos, Instagram videos, reel making, and slow motion. It is a video editing software app with many latest different features.

If you make reels on social media apps like YouTube short, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, this will be a good software app for you; In this, you will get many different new features in which you can design and edit videos in the best way.

Filmora go
Filmora go

The best feature of Filmora Go is that you can access all the advanced features you can use for video editing.

This video editor interface is easy to use, adjust video speed and sound volume, use new effects, easily import music, videos, and images for free and add a sticker, use fancy text, brightness contrast adjusted, Use the new features, etc.

Filmora go been rated 4.6, while more than 50+ million people have installed and downloaded this app on their smartphones. You can also download this app for free with just 70 MB.

InShot – Video Editor & Maker App

InShot – Video Editor & Maker has 500M+ downloads and is available in 46MB with a rating of 4.6. InShot is a great video editor that can be of great use to you, in which you can edit both videos and photos.


This is a free video editing software, while you can also use its paid version, for which you will have to pay a fee. It is better for editing short videos; it has unlimited free features. It is made available to you on Google Play Store or App Store.

Such as High-quality Video Editing and Exporting, full control, Slideshow, Slow Motion, Adjust Video Speed, Adding filters, No watermark, stylish text & fonts, stickers, effects, etc.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

Best Free Video Editing Apps

Kinemaster, PowerDirector, Filmorago, and InShot are the best video editing apps.

Android’s Best Video Editor Apps

KineMaster, PowerDirector, Filmorago, Adobe Premiere Rush, VivaVideo, InShot, ActionDirector, And GoPro Quik.

What is the key Featured (Kinemaster, PowerDirector, Filmorago, and InShot)?

KineMaster – Full-featured pro editor for Android/iOS with multi-layer timeline, chroma key, transitions, 4K support, and asset store.
PowerDirector – Multi-track timeline editor for Windows/Android with effects, templates, stabilization, precise editing, and 4K exports.
FilmoraGo – Mobile editing app for Android/iOS with filters, overlays, transitions, chroma key, and social media sharing.
InShot – Android/iOS app for trimming, effects, text, transitions, blur, split screen, 4K resolution, and instant sharing.


In this post, we have provided Kine Master, PowerDirector, and Filmora Go Video Editing powerful Apps for Video Editing. If you want to use their paid version, you can also use that while you get good features. Otherwise, you can use these free ones also.

Now, if you have any questions, do comment to us. We reply to all as soon as possible. Lastly, thank you for visiting our website.


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